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Bryan Paccagnella is born and bred in the GTA. Growing up in Richmond Hill, he quickly faced the fact that to survive, he would have to A. Own a Honda Civic and devote himself full time to hanging out in front of a local Tim Hortons or B. Move downtown. Since he couldn't afford a Civic on his Laser Quest salary, he decided to go with B. Bryan has learned good from Humber's Comedy Writing and Performance program, Impatient Theater Company, and Second City. Although his first love is sketch, he has also been known to dabble in stand-up, improv, tv commercial and voice work, produce his own comedy shorts, and write for the likes of Cuppa Coffee Entertainment's Andrew Horne, Sun TV, and the doc series Roads Less Travelled with Natalia Kantor. He retains a constantly burning appetite for both humor and Nutella.




Cara Stephenson is a born and raised country girl with a wild hunger for adventure. From the backwoods of Bayfield, Cara has burst onto the Toronto comedy scene as the better one-third of Plum Thunder; sexually charged musical hilarity in a three-person package. It’s a familiar story: the quest for stardom. Cara didn’t go from rags to riches. With her it’s rags to rags. While singing to sows on the pig farm, Cara honed her skills. She cut her teeth performing in weddings and competitions. In a few years this would lead her to University in Windsor to study music and drama where she surprised everyone by leaving with a degree. Highlights of her college experience include singing in the university jazz band and panhandling outside the library. Leaving the smog filled air of Windsor and travelling to the smog filled air of Toronto seemed like the right thing to do next. Getting in touch with her rocking’ country roots, she snapped up a chance to perform in “School of Rock” at Canada’s Wonderland. A few spots on television followed with featured roles as a stripper, a dead prostitute and a mute.



troyTroy Martin is furnished with post-secondary Diplomas in both Comedic Writing and Performance and Writing and Producing for Television from Humber College in Toronto. He has also received training from Second City in improv and performs stand-up periodically at Yuk-Yuks. An actor since the age of six, he's appeared in commercials for such glorious companies as Rogers, KFC, Nickelodeon and Nissan. Troy currently resides on an Island where he successfully spliced together toad DNA and dinosaur DNA found in a mosquito to make a Tyrannosaurus Rex and several Velociraptors. One can only assume everything will turn out fine. Jeff Goldblum.